SCHoliday Cheer Pack

Maximum of 2 per Person

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Holiday Cheer Packs are a Special Conditions Podcast exclusive pack bringing you some cheerful pulls DIRECTLY from your favorite podcast hosts!

Look out for some exciting packs because there's a few extra sparkly ones in the mix! They ALL come with a V, GX, EX, BREAK, Prism Star, or better! 

Lastly you may want to open these on your social media accounts because they are sure to bring some excitement!


Each Special Conditions Holiday Cheer Pack Includes:

  • 11 Cards Total 

  • V, GX, EX, BREAK, Prism Star, or better!

  • 1 Grass or Fire energy (Holiday Colors!!)

  • Code Card

  •  Special Conditions Podcast Sticker

MAXIMUM OF 2 PER PERSON - there are only a total of 40 available and we want everyone to be able to get in on the fun!